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Short Official Writerly Bio:


 Kristie Betts Letter is an award-winning high school teacher and author of poetry, short stories and young adult novels. Her  work has been  honored by Best American Small Fictions and writing appears in The Massachusetts Review, The North Dakota Quarterly, The Evergreen Review, The Maine Review, Washington Square, Passages North, Pangolin Papers and The Southern Humanities Review (among others).  The Colorado Department of Education publishes her handbook on teaching reading, and she's received four fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Her undergraduate degree is from Swarthmore College, and her graduate degree from The University of Colorado, Boulder. 




Unoffical, but far more interesting Bio:


When not teaching high school seniors, I can be found at Geeks Who Drink trivia contests with my super-smart husband and my clever friends. Someday, we hope to win the Geek Bowl.  Growing up, I lived in Appalachia (often without electricity) and as a teen, I lived in Delaware (which Colorado residents often forget is a state.) I have lots of children, read prolifically and sometimes turn Shakespearean plays into works of street art. Kurt Vonnegut, Bruce Springsteen, Margaret Atwood and Game of Thrones inspire (but not to Stannis Barratheon-like behavior, of course). In my younger years, I had seven goldfish -not at the same time- named Kilgore Trout. Also, I play a mean game of Scrabble. 

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