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fire in the hole cover.jpg

This short story collection comes out March 2019 and focuses on what lies beneath everything from mining towns to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure bad days.  Available for pre-order now

This poetry book examines literal and figurative underworlds. Beginning with a canary and ending with a warning from Eurydice, this collection is available on Amazon.



Game of Thrones

These critical essays examine the best show ever from many critical perspectives. My essay of course discusses the pop cultural significance when Geeks Who Drink puts on Game of Thrones quizzes. 


Here in the Middle

This collection of essays describes parenting while caring for a sick parent. My essay "Air Supply" describes a singing session with my mother and new baby. 

Theories of HER

This experimental anthology celebrates the feminine in all of its complexity. My hybrid piece "The Pill" questions the subversive nature of birth control. 

Nancy Drew Anthology

The girl detective got her own book full of art and writing. My piece "Which Nancy Drew Girl Are You?" might help you solve central mysteries. 


The Colorado Department of Education publishes The Reader's Handbook: Reading Strategies for Content Area Teachers. This publication can be downloaded free for any teacher or ordered in print. 

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